Control passes through the optical fibers

uniqueness becomes a system

Fibre Security is part of the MON-IT international group that holds the OFSystem” and OFPipe patents with which it presents itself on the market proposing new technological solutions, unique and highly sophisticated, to measure the stress conditions and other physico-chemical, mechanical and hydraulic parameters of structures belonging to different fields of engineering.

Thanks to the collaboration with construction companies, dealers, companies, teams, and with all customers, including Autostrade per l’Italia, Anas, MM, Team Artemis, Mercedes Petronas F1, NTSG Italia has been able to optimize its solutions making them unique and leaders in the field of infrastructure monitoring.

The permanent collaboration with the CNR has allowed NTSG Italia to refine its interpretative models and to provide its customers with a product verified by third parties.

Our Patents

Optic fiber system for the measurement of 2D & 3D deformations. Proprietary software that calculates in real time the deformation, starting from the stress analysis of the object.

What measure

Direct measurements of mechanical and thermal strain.
Indirect measurements of: load, pressure, deformation, vibration, torsion, inclination, corrosion, displacement, electrical current levels, flow by means of instruments such as accelerometers, inclinometers, gauges of cracks/LVDT, inclinometer poles, deformation gauges, etc.; all fiber optic instruments.

Seformations can be read remotely via Tablet, PC and smartphone

Dozens of sensors of different types, installed on the same fiber, readable at the same time.

The main objectives of the “OF” System

  • To check the structures, carrying out measurements in real-time using high sampling frequency, with a consequent identification of rapid stresses;
  • To secure the facilities and the people who work in them or use them;
  • To check the structural characteristics of materials of any kind and shape;
  • To verify the behavior of a structure and validate the technical specifications;
  • To monitor the wear and aging of the structures by detecting its mechanical and physicochemical characteristics variations.

Technologies in comparison

traditional technology

  • Electrical sensors
  • Active sensors
  • Long-distance signal decay
  • 3 cables to manage a single sensor
  • Sensitive to weathering

"OF" technology

  • Optical fibres
  • Passive sensors
  • No signal loss
  • Up to 160 sensors on a single fibre
  • Immune to the environment
  • Longevity (+50 years) + liabilities = Reduced maintenance costs 


  • Users and structure security
  • Analysis of the state of health and deterioration of the structure.
The OFSystem is a tool to measure the deformations of an object of any shape and of rigid/semi-rigid kind.
OFSystem, thanks to the particular configuration of the sensors and the specific data analysis software, is able to measure deformations in space and in plan, providing information on compression, elongation, deformation, load, torque, pressure, displacement, vibration, corrosion, inclination and temperature, of the object under examination. The system uses:
  • Fiber optic cables of reduced dimensions (250micron/6mm);
  • Passive sensors created within the optical fiber;
  • Technology that does not suffer and does not produce electromagnetic interference;

Signal transmission over long distances (100 km) with no significant power losses.


The fibers, the sensors, the materials

FBG – Fiber Bragg Grating – fiber optic Bragg gratings

The grating is “written” in the fiber core with an ultraviolet laser. The grating is the sensor itself. Grating dimensions: 0.5-2 cm.

A peculiar characteristic of the FBG technology is that on a single optical cable can be wired in series, for the measurement of various parameters, using different sensors such as strain gauges, accelerometers and temperature sensors. The acquisition is performed with just one interrogation system.
core 5-9µm

125µm Coating: 170-250 µm

approximately 90µm

system characteristics

  • Possibility of placing the data collecting instrument, at a long distance (km) from the monitoring area, without reducing the measurement accuracy;
  • Up to 100 sensors can be installed, in series, on the same fiber;
  • Significant reduction of the wiring amount required to monitor a structure.

sensor characteristics

  • High sensitivity;
  • Small size and possibility of being fitted in composite materials;
  • Sensors are passive. They do not produce and are not affected by electric and magnetic fields.

NTSG’s RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT team files new OFPIPE patent

Measurement system for the identification of the presence, position and estimation of the size of a leak inside a pipeline (whether it is water, sewerage or Oil &Gas) and for the measurement of different parameters of the fluid present in the pipeline

NTSG has studied specific solutions for different applications in the water sector:

  • OFWater Pipe: to monitoring water pipes and the fluids that flow inside them;
  • OFSewerage: for the control of the sewerage system and the fluids that flow inside it;
  • OFSmartPipe: innovative sensorized pipe relining service.

Prevention with OFWATER

Thanks to the automatic control of:

  • deformations of the pipeline,
  • losses
  • temperature
  • pose
  • low
  • volume and pressure of the fluid

Civil and industrial applications

  • Sewerage
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Fire-fighting networks
  • Water treatment plants
  • Water systems
  • Free-haired and pressure ducts
  • Water networks