Who we are

Fibresecurity, based in Amterdam, is part of an international group whose parent company is Mon.it, based in France, and which also includes the Italian-based company NTSG Italia  The three companies have different tasks.

  • Mon.it is in charge of the strategic market development and international activities of the group.
  • Fibresecurity has the hard task of developing business for the whole group.
  • Ntsg Italia, instead, takes care of developing the technology of its solutions as well as marketing them in Italy.

specialises in measurements with fibre optic which are applied in various fields of engineering, with the aim of offering its customers targeted technological solutions of the latest generation. With the patented “OF” system, FibreSecurity presents NTSG Italia to a new market of technology. With this unique and highly sophisticated technology, the stress condition and other physicochemical can be measured. FibreSecurity is providing very innovative monitoring systems using sensors in microfibre which can measure stress, vibration, deformation, corrosion, weight, pressure, temperature, electrical current, chemical spills, etc.

The main focus is its applications in the building, construction (bridges/tunnels) and watersector.

NTSG Italia and its Dutch arm FibreSecurity has developed innovative patents for the use of fibreoptic based sensors. Its use in so many fields of engineering is tremendously exciting, targeting next generation technological solutions for common engineering needs.  These systems are important across almost all sectors, measuring stress, deformation and physiochemical characteristics.

We have installed in

  • Formula 1 car tyres 
  • rigging in competitive sailing boats
  • tunnels, highway infrastructure, pipelines.

These systems take known fibreoptic technology and add data processing, mathematical research, to produce a system that can provide multiple information on the health of plant and infrastructure in real time. The company is continuously researching new techniques to assist clients to meet their problems. There are no standard solutions, each project is bespoke and developed through close understanding of the Client’s needs. That way we manage to create highly efficient systems capable of providing multiple information on the health of plant and infrastructure in real time, protecting the asset and in safety critical applications, our colleagues.In 2015 the 2D and 3D deformation measurement system was patented. This monitors stresses and strains in any structure and detects movement, compression, bending, torsion, loading, vibration, pressure, corrosion, inclination and temperature. In 2018: patent “OF PIPE” was established. This is a system for identifying and measuring leaks in a pipeline (water, sewer, oil, gas), based on optical fiber sensing technology, establishing the position, dimension of a leak and contamination in the duct.

FIBRESEcurity people

Dr John Burns