Bolzaneto junction

Control of wrong-way access to the Bolzaneto station junction.

Location: A7 Genova-Serravalle
Customer: Autostrade per l’Italia
Duration of monitoring service: operational for 38 months
Project start date: 2016

The OFGhost system was installed with an  aim of detecting any transit of vehicles on the wrong side of the motorway at the junctions in the direction of Genoa and Milan near the Genoa Bolzaneto motorway toll booth.


Forty-four fibre-optic sensors embedded in the asphalt were installed transversely in  the direction of travel.

The installation of the system was quick (3 nights) and minimally invasive: it does not involve any protrusion from the ground and allows any removal/restoration of the asphalt without interfering with the system. The special laying configuration combined with the use of carefully selected suitable materials gives durability, resistance to external weather conditions and mechanical stress.

The measurements were carried out with a frequency of five hundred information per second from each sensor simultaneously, transmitted through approximately 900 m of optical fibre laid on site, more than twenty thousand information per second acquired by the system, which is operational H24-365D.

The measurement technique applied is the semi-distributed one with deformation and temperature sensors connected to a single optical interrogator on which the Edgegateway software is installed for real-time analysis of the quantities monitored.


500 sensors installed
900 m of optical fibre
3 nights for system installation
20.0000 information per second

The OFGhost monitoring system is integrated into the client’s web platform and has been interfaced with specially designed visual and sound barriers. This system alerts the user in contravention and   the manager of the road network, at the same time.