Rijeka water pipeline project  


Water is vital when it comes to a well-functioning country. When water is extracted after purifying and analysing, it is sent to companies and private individuals via bigger and smaller pipelines. Many people don’t realise that the water that comes from their tap has travelled a long way. 

Throughtout the years, the water pipeline has been kept up to date, which is done by refining and adapting. Lots of cities and towns kept getting bigger, which had its consequences. The main consequence was that the amount of leakages kept increasing. It’s still not known how much water was lost with these leakages. Depending on the circumstances, the loss of water can reach up to 40%. The economic importance will rely on the scarcity. However, it is clear that the water loss will cost money.  Now the question remains: what next?

Fibresecurity has developed a technique in which the leakages can be detected. With our system we can detect very detailed leakages. Our system is installed in the pipe, afterwards the detection can begin. The system that is installed provides information about the conditions of the pipe. The advantage of this is that the streets don’t have to be opened up, this makes it easier to detect leakages in the centre of the city.

The water pipeline company  in Rijeka.

Fibreseurity has the honour of helping the waterpipeline company in Rijeka, by detecting leakages.

Project description

  • Assessment necessary information about infrastructure, systems and organisation.
  • Prepare a technical plan for the demonstration  
  • Demonstrate our fiber optic system .
  • Processing and presenting of the measured results 
  •  Drafting a report on results and making a limited proposition about the possibilities of leakage reduction with our fiber optic system.

Visit Rijeka September 2018

In order to decide what we need to start the project, the Fibresecurity team visited Rijeka and spoke with the different layers of the water pipeline company. The details of this visit will be noted in the project plan. The actual and official meeting will take place in November 2018.

During our visit in Croatia, we noticed that lots of other organisations were interested in our system and methods. These interests led to us having a conversation with the warm water company / city heating of Rijeka. The economic importance of the leakages in their system are easily calculated. Not only is there an economic importance, there is also an environmental aspect. Water which is heated up till 100 degrees Celsius and is wasted, is obviously a waste of energy.