The objective of the “OF PLANE” system is to monitor the aircraft and its subsystems and components, the ultimate goal being the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. The typical measurements performed dynamically by the “OF PLANE” system are:
-Nacelle deformation;
-Fuselage torsion;
-Vibration of the whole aircraft;
-Temperatures in the engine area;
-Pressure on specific aircraft parts such as flaps, turbines and others.

– Inside or outside the aircraft;
– Bonded, anchored, underneath the aircraft paint;
– Applied in bare or protected fibre mode, to be invisible and not affect the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft.

– Real-time monitoring of deformations and stresses in the various parts of the aircraft: wings, nacelle, undercarriage, doors, substructures;
– Measurement of vibrations induced on the aircraft by internal and external agents;
– Temperature and humidity profile of the aircraft;
– Monitoring of pressure along the aircraft and its components.

NTSG has developed a series of mathematical models for the interpretation of the measurements performed by the “OF Plane” system and the calculation of engineering quantities derived from them. The models are implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway” which acquires the above measurements in real time, uses them to derive other engineering quantities described in the Properties section and manages alarm systems for users.