In this sector, the “OF” system has been studied and applied to all types of vessels: sailing, motor, racing, cruising and commercial vessels.

The primary objective is the safety and integrity of the monitored elements, as well as its characterisation and optimisation. The system makes it possible to control

Sailing boats:
– Hull, structure, keel, foil, daggerboard, rudder, mast, stays, rigging, sails, and more;

Motor boats:
– Hull, structure, tanks, engines, and more;

Transport vessels:
– Hull, cargo deck, tanks, engines, and more.

The possibility of inserting the optical fibre and its sensors inside composite materials makes the “OF” System very much in demand in this sector,where these types of materials are commonly used and where the characterisation of ship structures has wide margins for improvement.

The “OF MARINE” system currently has three main declinations: “OF SAIL”, “OF PBOAT” and “OF SHIP”, these three systems are dedicated to specific applications and measurements related to the vessels being monitored. Typical direct measurements are: deformation, tension, vibration, temperature, displacement, inclination, corrosion, pressure.

– Inside or outside the vessel and its components;
– Glued, anchored inside or outside under the last coat of paint;
– Applied in bare or protected fibre mode, to be invisible and not affect the performance of the boat;
– Applied inside the composite materials used to build the boat’s components.

– Real-time monitoring of deformations and the state of tension in the various parts of the boat and its components (hull, appendages, deck, masts, etc.);
– Measurement of vibrations in the boat and its components;
– Measurement of applied loads, pressure and deterioration of elements such as: mast, rigging, load platforms, appendages, etc.; and
– Measurement of corrosion phenomena along the structure of the boat and its components;
– Monitoring the profile and thermal behaviour of the engine and/or its components;
– Monitoring of squashing effects and deformation of tanks;
– Monitoring of instantaneous impact deformation of parts in contact with water.