Civil Infrastructure

The OF Building System is used to monitor different types of civil structures such as buildings, stadiums, warehouses, monuments, etc. The solution is applied at key points to provide information on deformation, load, vibration, displacement, and other elements that may compromise the safety of the structure and its users.

– Internal to the structure;
– Embedded in the foundations;
– Along the outside of the building, including elements such as the roof, perimeter walls, other.

– Real-time monitoring of the deformation of the structure and substructures;
– Measurement of building inclinations and vibrations;
– Control of load distribution;
– Behaviour of the structure with respect to meteorological events;
– Monitoring of load, displacement, deformation of the structure’s foundations;
– Automatic alarm sending system in the presence of anomalies.


– On the perimeter structure, external and/or internal application;
– On plant power cables;
– Along and inside plant piping.

– Measurement of the thermal exchange of the structure (insulation);
– Monitoring the energy consumption of different installations (air conditioning, heating, lifts, other);
– Measurement of electrical and water consumption for each user;
– Access control.

NTSG has developed a mathematical model for interpreting the measurements made by the “OF Building” system implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway”. The software acquires the above-mentioned measurements , uses them to derive the engineering quantities described in the Properties section and manages alerts and alarms in the presence of anomalies.