The “OF Bridge” system measures the quantities necessary to characterise the tensional state of the viaduct, the deformations of the spans and substructures that make up the decks, the vibrations induced on the structure, the displacement of piers and abutments, the tensional state of the foundations and their displacement, the behaviour of the structure with respect to thermal variations and atmospheric phenomena, the passing loads and the deterioration of the viaduct over time.

– System for static and dynamic monitoring of the bridge structure;
– System for the safety and protection of the structure and users;
– Instrument capable of testing the characteristics of applied materials and their geometric shapes;
– Instrument for validation of a specific geometry/structure;
– System to control the deterioration and ageing of the structure;
– System for generating and transferring data via optical fibre.

The high degree of flexibility and scalability of the “OF Bridge” System allows for application on all types of bridges, on structural or non-structural elements, even providing additional and continuously developing services.

– Along the spans and on their substructures;
– On piers, abutments and critical points of the structure;
– In the foundation.

– Static and dynamic monitoring of the deformations of the structure (vertical and transverse deflection);
– Real-time information on the load and vibrations induced on the bridge;
– Measurement of rotations and displacements of piers and abutments;
– Detection of the weight of passing vehicles;
– Monitoring of cracks;
– Measurement of tension and deformation of foundation elements;
– Calculation of deformations induced by thermal and atmospheric effects;
– Estimation of the fatigue curve of the structure and residual life;
– Calibrations and measurements are stable over time (no drift effect).

NTSG has developed several mathematical models for the interpretation of the measurements made by the OF Bridge system and the calculation of engineering quantities derived from them. The data interpretation models are implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway”, which analyses the data in real time and manages warnings and alarms in the presence of anomalies.